Darin Beeghley

Lifetime Parent

One of the key factors for sending our kids to Lifetime Montessori school was that our son was going to a traditional preschool and he wasn't doing very well. When we learned about LMS and observed their classrooms, we discovered that it was a much better environment for our child since he beats to his own drum and loves to do the things he loves to do. LMS provided for him an environment to learn in his own way. When you walk into their classrooms, you see that it's very open, it's inviting, and extremely interactive. The curriculm here is much more focused on the individual child. When he started to get that attention, and the ability for him to follow his passions and his desires, he really started to develop a love for learning. I would say that LMS is a wonderful learning environment for your children to learn as the Montessori method is a more natural way for them to learn.  Your children will begin to blossom and become more independent and more confident children as they go through the process of learning at LMS.